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What we do

We provide health and fitness services which harness the power of digital channels and devices to transform user and patient engagement across the lifestyle, healthcare and pharmaceutical industries.

Impact of Virtual Coaching on User behaviour

People are better served and healthier when they are better informed. Communication with patients can and must be improved. Currently, patients are excluded from coherent information outside of doctors’ appointments. Healthcare can benefit from the “lessons learned” from commercial customer service.

Impact of Virtual Coaching on User behavior

We can make relevant (medical) data available to patients and simultaneously provide digital guidance for treatments wherever possible. This means better care for patients and a smaller workload for doctors and nurses.

Life Coach - coach for wearables

Make wearables personal and easy to use – an extension of the human body. With interactive coaching you can create an intuitive experience.

The fitness industry was the first to embrace wearables and the industry is booming. With increasing competition, differentiation is key. Achieve this with the personal and interactive coaching offered by PEX Life.

Give users personal advice based on their fitness goals. Show progress, suggest new activities and reward success.

DigitalCX is the platform that powers all our solutions. It’s the force behind more than a million wearables on the market today. It continuously proves its worth and can be easily integrated into your products.

Together with leading tech companies we’re working towards a world in which all health and fitness devices are connected with each other. We’re building a platform that makes it easier for people to live a healthier lifestyle. By focusing on innovation, we’re allowing people to be human and to have their devices as an extension of themselves.

Patient Service - customer service for patients

Offer patients a better experience. By improving your communication via personal self-service, you’ll help your patients better, and decrease traffic in your contact centre.

“Where should I park and what are the opening hours?” You can answer these questions automatically and still help your customers effectively. Your patients will no longer have to pick up the phone to call you, saving you lots of time in your contact center. This allows for more efficient use of time for you and your staff.


Take it further by automating more! Integrate our solution into your patient administration system to let patients schedule appointments themselves, receive personalised answers (based on their history) and contact them proactively when needed. With Patient Service every patient has a personal digital assistant.

Health Coach – Digital Health Coach

Offer personal healthcare via the internet. Increase the impact of your clinical teams while offering your patients a better experience.

Communicate effectively with patients via digital channels. The Health Coach offers an easy way to educate, treat and support patients.

Doctors have limited time to spend with patients. By using digital channels to communicate, you can cut costs and help more patients at the same time. Save time and money whilst simultaneously increasing your impact.

The truth is, patients already spend a lot of time online looking for information regarding health issues. By sharing valuable and reliable information (validated by your organisation), you can play an active part in helping them.

Together we’ll develop a database with answers to frequently asked questions. You can vary your answers and create dialogues to make sure you cover nuances in specific questions. This way, patients always get a correct, relevant and personal answer.

We’re currently collaborating with hospitals, clinics and specialists to find solutions for common scenarios. We’re co-creating a platform that provides clear and personal answers about health.

Our Digital Dermatologist can diagnose patients based on pictures uploaded to our platform. Patients then get advice on medications or are encouraged to make an appointment with a specialist doctor. Unnecessary referrals are decreased by as much as 40% using this approach. This solution can of course be tailored to other diseases as well.