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Our approach, your solution

How we work

You want to innovate but don’t know where to start. It’s not easy to change methods overnight. That’s why we don’t think you should.

PEX Life is an easy place to start. Begin with the basics and let our services expand with your organisation. This allows you to always get the solution that’s best for you. We’re an experienced organisation with project managers that understand your industry and needs.

Our people protect your interests. They deliver on time and keep an eye on budgets. Together we develop a solution that has impact from day one, but is also durable and advances your organisation in the innovation process.

When we start:

  • We research your needs.
  • We activate users.
  • We work your feedback into the platform.
  • We think strategically
  • and develop realistic roadmaps


Digital Engagement

DigitalCX is self-service that understands context. It gives personal answers and increases engagement on any device and on any channel. DigitalCX makes every customer journey successful…

A question answered, a problem solved or a transaction secured.

It’s possible to integrate DigitalCX with your systems to get a full overview of a customer when they engage with you. This allows you to adjust answers based on a customer’s history and preferences. DigitalCX gives any customer or patient a personal and efficient experience.

We also offer insights to all interactions. We analyse conversations and translate them into practical insights. This way you’ll learn what people really want to know, allowing you to improve your service even further.

Do users of your wearable want to know their running pace or their heart rate? Do visitors of your hospital want to know where to park or do they care more about visiting hours? You’ll know and adjust the interaction accordingly.


Live Engagement

You want to help customers and patients efficiently. Even though we aim to automate this process, we also offer solutions for live engagement – via social media, live chat and phone.

In live engagement we also use the customer’s context to help them in the best way possible. We are personal and effective, always looking to add value to the dialogue.

In our Digital Customer Engagement Center we process more than 90,000 customer interactions per month. It’s open 365 days a year, day and night and operates in multiple languages. It’s being managed in collaboration with Randstad and therefore we always have access to plenty of carefully selected agents.

Our agents are highly educated and have had extensive training. This allows them to understand your organisation and goals, and allows them to be of great value when engaging with your customers or patients.

When recruiting our agents we put the emphasis on empathy. People that have to go to a hospital are often stressed or insecure. It’s important to consider this, making empathy important.

Technology facilitates human contact instead of replacing it. Our Digital Customer Engagement Center is therefore the perfect place to engage with your customers or patients via social media, live chat or phone. We have the people who will make it successful.

Data insights

PEX Life analyses all the data it collects while interacting with customers and patients. This data will be translated into practical insights that you can you use for your operation.

We use insight data to optimise the content, while providing usage analytics and insights from your users. Who are your customers and patients and what do they want? We’ll answer these questions for you.


DigitalCX has been implemented for more than 80 companies worldwide. We work with large corporations, and the platform supports engagement in more than 10 languages.


In the health and fitness industry we have started some great projects as well. We work with Stichting Benchmark GGZ, have developed the Digital Dermatologist and in Ghana we educate pregnant women in improving their lifestyle and healthcare.