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Dag Marieke, overmorgen heb je een afspraak met dr. van As. Vul je dit formulier op tijd in?

Doe ik. Dank.

Tot overmorgen!

Hi Mary, in two days you're expected to see Dr. Johnson. Can you please fill in this form ahead of time?

I will. Thanks.

Thanks. See you soon!

Digital Fitness and Health Services

Transforming the economics of consumer engagement and patient care by creating powerful digital services that add value to your business and to people’s lives.

Twelve-year-old Mary has a busy life. Every day she rides the bus to school, attends dance classes and meets up with her friends at the park. Her phone lets her know when to take her medication.

Throughout the day, Mary, her parents and doctors check her progress using an app. This means Mary can concentrate on being a child and not on being a diabetes patient.

Today I'm working out at 7pm. Should I eat before or after?

It's better to eat before your workout, Mary. Click here to get your daily diet suggestion.

I heard there's a new medication for type 1 diabetes. Is that right?

There've been some great developments. To learn more about the latest progress, click here.

Hi Mary, in two days you're expected to see Dr. Johnson. Can you please fill in this form ahead of time?

I will. Thanks.

Thanks. See you soon!

How are my current stats?

It's all fine. Nothing to worry about.

How much insulin should I take?

Based on your current stats, you should take x.

Mary, are you joining us for school camp?

Definitely! Looking forward to it already.

John’s wife Esther is going in for surgery tomorrow. John types a few questions into the hospital’s website. Instead of messy pages filled with unorganised information, he gets clear and useful answers straight away.

Where should I park? How long before surgery should my wife not eat for before surgery? What are the visiting hours?

Thanks to the intuitive user experience, John gets the right information at the right time, based on his context and device. By focusing on service, PEX Life delivers a better patient experience.

Hi Esther, you have an appointment with the eye doctor on Thursday. Can you please confirm that you'll be there at 8am? Thanks.

Sure, I'll be there!

Remember Esther, it's important to make sure you stop wearing your contact lenses 24 hours before the surgery you have scheduled for three days from now.

Where should I park?

At the hospital you can park for 2 euros per hour. Want to reserve your spot?

Sounds perfect!

When should I start fasting?

You shouldn't eat anything after 3pm today, Esther. See you tomorrow!

My wife is going in for cataract surgery tomorrow. What are the side effects?

She may not see things as clearly as usual for a few days. This should however improve in just a few days.

Great that you've been discharged already, Esther. We'll send you a daily video with instructions on what you should and shouldn't do. Click here to watch the first two.

Robert wants to get back into shape. His wearable is his loyal training partner. The digital coach challenges him, sets him clear goals and measures his progress. An app that perfects fitness is a great friend to have.

Good morning, Robert. I'm your personal coach, Lilly. What's your goal?

I'd love to lose 5kg within 6 months.

Sure thing. I'll make you a schedule. Tomorrow we'll start with a short run to check your current fitness.

Today we're doing 10km at an easy pace, Robert. Try these exercises in advance so you won't have trouble with injuries.

Having trouble sleeping, Robert? Need advice?


Switch off all electronic devices an hour before going to bed and clear your head… Consistency also helps. Go to bed around the same time every day so your body gets used to it.

15.435 steps today already! Keep it up.

Robert, you're way ahead of schedule. You'll lose those 5kg in just a few months. Want to adjust your target?

I don't want to get too slim…

Let's start working on some muscle development.

That's a good idea. Let's do that.

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Digital Life Coach

A digital Life Coach that knows your condition, understands your objectives and anticipates how to set you personalised challenges.
Improve your wearable with PEX Life and communicate with your users in a more effective way.

  • Personal coaching based on the user’s fitness level
  • Show data-driven progress
  • Suggest new activities
  • Reward success
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Make it Digital tranformation easier and better

Our platform DigitalCX has proven itself repeatedly in the world of customer engagement. We are now taking our experience to the health care and fitness industry.

The Benefits of Digital Programmes:

  • Accessible, reliable and easy to use
  • Personal assistance and tailored information 24/7, from a reliable information source
  • Proactive health messages
  • Online diagnosis
  • Easy live contact with a health care professional
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Proven solutions, tailored to your specific challenges

Active coaching for lifestyle, medication, health or general patient support. Our solutions are easily tailored to your organisation and ambitions.

personal care

Offer personal care via digital channels. Increase the impact of your clinical team and improve patient experience. Patients prefer digital access to…

  • Save time with a digital intake
  • Digital diagnosis
  • Cut operational costs
  • Avoid unnecessary referrals
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